Happy Birthday, Marines!

Today is the United States Marine Corps' 236th Birthday.

Here is a photo from this year's annual Marine Corps Ball.
We attended the 26th MEU's ball on the 5th of November.

Isn't Jared handsome?


Homemade Dirt

We had friends over for my first ever Easter dinner spread (I know, right?). We had the usual ham, mac n' cheese, mashed potatoes, homemade rolls, and a broccoli and cheese casserole.

The crowning act, however, was homemade dirt pudding for dessert. It was a big hit with the kiddoes! It was Jared's idea to use planter labels as nameplates. Isn't he so clever? He's a keeper...

Click HERE for the recipe I used--so good!


Buying a home...

Inspection is tomorrow. If all goes well, we are officially adults! Can't wait to settle in to North Carolina. We have loved Arizona, but are ready to live closer to family and friends.


Valentine's Day Bunco

Just showing off a prize I won at a recent church Girl's Night Out...super cute! My favorite part is the "Marital Bliss" Chocolate bar. Ain't that the truth? Now I need to show Jared how to actually USE it! :)


General Petraeus' Challenge Coin

Ever seen a 5-Star's challenge coin? Want to see THREE? That is how many times Jared was able to personally meet the General and
assist the General and his Communications Team.
Way to go Jared!
*top two and bottom left--the bottom right coin is from another unit*

Rest In Peace

Jared has had these USMC boots for 6 and a half years; they are his first pair.
A duty day never went by without Jared praising them for their comfort.
In an effort to delay the inevitable, he even had them cleaned up, re-soled and re-laced, two years ago, using THIS SERVICE. So, naturally, he was dreading this day...They finally kicked the can.


Pinnacle Peak

My Uncle Jon serves in the USAF and is here in Tucson for work for the next few weeks. He invited us to join him for dinner up in the "big city" and we stumbled across the Pinnacle Peak Saloon and Steak House. They have a clever little (*free) show that runs at 7 and 8 on weekend nights (action/comedy) and the food is delicious and inexpensive--watch out...they will cut your tie off if you have dressed up too purty!
As you can see from the below shots, we couldn't resist the photo ops.